Anydesk Audio Not Working Windows 10

TeamViewer and AnyDesk offer a remote desktop solution that connects desktop, laptop or mobile devices with another remote computer present anywhere in the universe and allows the local computer to take control of the remote computer and perform the operations of one remote computer; These two tools support connecting computers with all operating systems like Macintosh, Windows, IOS, and Android; The installation of these tools avoids the need for the maintenance engineer to visit the operation site to diagnose problems and provide solutions from his workplace; These tools, due to their real-time remote connectivity, provide an instant solution to any problem and improve business productivity.

This software was released in the year 2005 by Rossmanith GmbH with the intention of installing the software remotely and avoiding customer visits. Besides Windows, it supports Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Red Hat, Debian, Raspberry Pi, Fedora Linux, and all mobile apps. AR and VR functionalities are included in this tool to improve its usability and it is integrated with many collaboration and CRM platforms. It is free for personal use and is licensed for commercial use only in the subscription model.

How to fix AnyDesk keyboard not working

Fortunately, there are several solutions you can try to get your AnyDesk keyboard working again, which are listed below.

If the AnyDesk keyboard is not working, the main reason may be that someone using the remote computer you are trying to connect to has disabled access to your keyboard and mouse. Ask them to allow you access to the keyboard by following the steps below:

Network problems

Users often complain about the following problems:

  1. Waiting for the image.
  2. This desktop is not available. Make sure AnyDesk is running on the remote computer and is connected to the Internet.
  3. AnyDesk is not connected to the server. Please check your internet connection.

What is AnyDesk?

AnyDesk is a powerful program that allows you to access your computer from your phone or anywhere else. The program works like a remote control that can be used from anywhere. All you need is internet connectivity on your desktop computer and your phone.

This software is free to use; However, if you work for a corporation or run a business and want to control all the computing devices in your office, this software is a great option, but you have to pay a monthly membership. This fantastic program is available for a variety of devices.

1] Update the audio driver

It’s probably the first thing that comes to mind. Whichever sound system you are using, you must have the latest device drivers installed on your computer. So update your drivers. You can use third-party driver update software, or better yet, you can use the tool for your brand of PC such as Dell Update Utility, HP Support Assistant, etc. You will probably see these utilities pre-installed on your system.

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