Anydesk Vs Chrome Remote Desktop Reddit

Let’s discuss some of the main key differences between Chrome Remote Desktop and Teamviewer:

  • We can see the user the desktop issue while managing the system via remote access with the help of Whiteboards in TeamViewer . Also, we can copy the files using drag and drop where file sharing will not take much time. Whiteboards are not available on the Chrome desktop, making it difficult for users to understand the issue. Also, on Chrome desktop, the screen seems to lag a bit for other end users to troubleshoot.
  • Monitoring different screens is easier on the Chrome desktop by sharing all screens at once and multitasking through the app. We can do the same even with mobile devices. This helps to know the status of all the systems that are managed through the Chrome desktop. Monitoring is also available in Teamviewer, but it is not as efficient as Chrome desktop. Alerts are not provided as Chrome desktop, which makes users check the app in the middle for the status of Teamviewer managed systems.
  • Teamviewer is easy to perform remote administration and helps in file transfer even for large files. Also, we can manage remote servers through Teamviewer with cross-platform remote control and centralized control panel. Screen sharing and instant messaging services make Teamviewer more attractive among users. With Chrome Remote Desktop, we can’t manage the servers and large file transfer is not possible. But we can authenticate ourselves through smart cards and we can also access turned off or idle computers and manage them easily. Active Directory is available for Chrome Remote Desktop, making it easy for customers to learn about all the available features.
  • Chrome Remote Desktop is easy to use with just a Google account. No prior training is needed as the desks are easy for a beginner to understand and operate at any distance. No license is required for Chrome Desktop and it can be managed without any system complexity. Teamviewer is useful for devices with a large geographic footprint. The cost can be reduced in case of travel and users can manage mobile phones even from any geographical location.
  • Anyone with a Google account can use Google Chrome Remote Desktop, as it only requires a Google account. Teamviewer is offered free of charge and with a subscription. We have business plan, corporate plan and premium plan where Teamviewer can be used to control up to 500 devices with a single software. The price ranges from $50 to $200 and the number of users can be a maximum of 300.
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