Can Anydesk Be Used To Hack

The US government’s cybersecurity agency has warned that financially motivated criminal hackers endangered federal agencies by using legitimate remote desktop software.

CISA said in a joint notice with the National Security Agency on Wednesday that it had identified a «widespread cyber campaign involving the malicious use of legitimate remote monitoring and management (RMM) software» that had targeted multiple branch federal civilian executives, known as FCEBs, a list that includes Homeland Security, the Treasury, and the Department of Justice.

Initial detection

According to CrowdStrike cybersecurity analysts’ report, the initial detection of this malware is that it is using MITRE’s T1036 method to mask itself (evasion technique).

Apart from this, the malware obtained an executable file that appears to have been tampered with to avoid any kind of detection. Not only this, but it also tries to launch very strong PowerShell scripts that have the command line:-

Flexible Settings

AnyDesk has various security settings that They provide control over who can access your device and what parts they can access.

AnyDesk: How come you’re also responsible for online fraud?

Lena: Abuse of our software is a search field of our so-called «Brand Monitoring». I want to know what is reported about us on social networks and on the web. What topics are mentioned in relation to AnyDesk? This is how I know we are also mentioned in connection with online fraud.

Our product is being misused; we ourselves are not the scammers. That’s why we want to do something about it on a technical level, but also on all kinds of other levels. Many of my colleagues are dealing with this problem. This is the area I’m concerned about: In what context is the AnyDesk issue mentioned? Do we need to communicate some things more clearly? Some people may not be aware of all that we are doing about it.

Installing a rogue AnyDesk app

One of the ways a scammer tries to compromise your system is by asking you to install the app on your phone or computer so they can take control of your device . It wouldn’t make any difference if it was through AnyDesk Apple Scam or eBay account or other well protected services because you allow it yourself and give direct access. If the hacker is successful in his attempt, he may be able to gain access to sensitive transactions made on the device, even those that use one-time passwords for added security.

This AnyDesk hack starts with a phone call from criminals posing as representatives of your bank or financial institution. Is that how it works.

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