Como Activar Modo Privacidad En Anydesk

For teams that simply need remote access to a wide range of devices, both AnyDesk and TeamViewer are great options for IT support. The choice comes down to specific organizational needs.

For teams that want the option of running their remote access solution on premise or in the cloud, AnyDesk is perhaps the best option. And for teams that want to ensure compatibility with all devices, TeamViewer might be the best option, simply because of its range of supported manufacturers.

What can we do with AnyDesk?

  • AnyDesk allows us to see the desktop of the remote computer we have accessed, as well as listen to the sound played by the system itself.
  • In addition, we can control the mouse and keyboard, so that we can open and close programs and applications and thus solve a problem, update software, etc.

To facilitate Troubleshooting it is also possible to send files, such as installers to update software or apply security patches without having to install them several times on each of the managed computers.

Custom Access

This AnyDesk feature that allows you to create a password to be the only user able to access your physical computer. Even this level of exclusivity allows you to streamline the process with an automated option so you don’t have to include your password every time you log in.

Isn’t it annoying that, in the office, your colleagues stop by your cubicle observing in detail what you do on your PC? This can also happen when accessing your work computer remotely.

Simpler connection identifier

As we can see, the identifier to connect remotely is not easy, initially it is a number, but it automatically changes it to the name of the pc followed by the text @ ad, for example, myTeam@ad, thus making it easier to remember.

Asking us for permission when connecting to a computer is fine, this way no one can enter without us knowing, but sometimes we need to be able to connect to a computer where there is no one on the other side In these cases, how do we do it? Very easy, AnyDesk can be configured to connect to computers without another person having prior authorization, for this we will access the application settings, located in the upper left and click on security.

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