Como Descargar Anydesk En Mi Laptop

A popup will appear asking you to save the file. Click «Save File» and while it downloads, take some time to review «Getting Started in 3 Easy Steps.»

Locate the file you just downloaded. By default, it will be in the “Downloads” folder.

First steps: Installing AnyDesk

To start using AnyDesk you only have to install the program or app on the client device and on the remote device. The mobile versions act as clients, while the desktop versions act as client and server.

Once installed, you must indicate the automatically generated address or AnyDesk Address provided by the remote computer application on the client device. It does not matter if the devices are on the same local network, WiFi or on separate networks via the Internet.

How to download AnyDesk for Windows 10?

Go to the website and look for the “free download” button. The application will automatically detect the operating system, and then you can download the file to the computer you want to remotely control.

Once the download is complete, run the file you already downloaded on your computer. You won’t need to install the program, the tool will just give you a nine-digit code. With this code you can control the equipment from another device.

Connecting from an external computer

After having installed AnyDesk on the remote computer and copying the access number, install the corresponding application on the computer and mobile device that will act as a client. Then, enter the workstation identifier that uniquely identifies the computer you want to access. If both machines are connected to the same network, the available computers will most likely appear in the lower area. This allows you to establish a quick connection.

Reject incoming connections

If we only want to use AnyDesk to connect to remote computers, we do not want anyone to access our computer, for this, we configure the application to prevent incoming connections. This is very simple, we enter the configuration, security area again and within the area corresponding to «Iterative access», we select «Always reject connection requests».

We can be a little more lax in this configuration, allow users to enter whenever the AnyDesk window is visible, for this, instead of selecting the automatic rejection of requests, we will choose “Only accept if AnyDesk is visible ».

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