Does Amazon Customer Service Use Anydesk

A scam has emerged asking victims to download an app on their mobile phones or other devices; by doing so, they end up losing money.

According to the victims, they received text messages on their phones advising them that they would be charged for a purchase on Amazon. In the text, victims are provided with a free phone number to cancel the purchase. The victims, who never made the purchase on Amazon, called the toll-free number to cancel the charges. When they called the number to cancel the order, a subject posing as an Amazon employee connects them with someone posing as an Amazon fraud specialist. By speaking to the subject posing as the fraud specialist, victims are directed to download the Anydesk Remote app on their phones, so the fraud specialist can help cancel transactions. The Anydesk Remote app provides the impersonator with access to the victim’s mobile phone, including bank and other accounts stored on the device. Once access is granted through the Anydesk Remote app, the phishers have stolen various amounts of money from the victims.

Can someone hack me with AnyDesk?

Not inside AnyDesk but by pretending to be AnyDesk.

Your company’s IT professionals can share addresses. They can also limit access to addresses that are named, allowing only those addresses to participate in a session.

Scam Tips

  1. Amazon will never send you a text, app message about a recent order.
  2. Amazon won’t ask you to call a toll-free number.
  3. If the person claiming to be from amazon has an Indian accent, hang up the phone
  4. Never download anydesk remote app on your computer or mobile device
  5. Do not share your details from a bank account with someone you don’t know.
  6. report scam to Amazon

AnyDesk scams using fraud and social engineering

The practice of social engineering consists of tricking a victim into making a bad decision regarding sharing information or taking an action. Hackers have a knack for eliciting an emotional response from potential victims so they can steal data or install some form of dangerous malware.

AnyDesk scams that rely on social engineering can take many forms. They all share the common goal of getting you to divulge information, provide access to your device, or download malicious software. The following scenarios describe some of the ways that AnyDesk hackers try to trick their victims.


From the above, it is clear that the Anydesk Amazon text is a phishing scam, users should not grant anyone remote access to their computer to avoid being scammed.

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