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Until the mid-1980s, connecting a computer to a phone line was tricky: many phone companies didn’t allow unlicensed equipment to connect to their network, and even if they did, you could still find yourself locked out for a lack of standardized connectors. A simple solution to all of this was an acoustic coupler, a device that played sounds from your modem directly into a telephone receiver without any electrical connection. Modem speeds were slow anyway, so the limited bandwidth inherent in such a system wasn’t much of a problem.

It’s easier to find an internet connection than a phone line in many places these days, but if you’re stuck in an old hotel in the middle of nowhere, you might find the modern version of the acoustic coupler useful. . . The basic design is pretty simple: it’s a 3D-printed box with two cups that fit a typical phone, and a space to fit a USB speaker and microphone. Thanks to the mini-modem, it is easy to set up a connection to any other computer equipped with a dial-up connection.

AnyDesk: the good and the bad

AnyDesk has its redeeming qualities, but it also falls short in some ways. Here’s the best and worst of what AnyDesk has to offer:

Quick and easy setup – You don’t need to install AnyDesk on your machine to use the software. Just download the file and click on it to run the software in portable mode. You can also install the program to unlock more features, such as custom aliases.


That’s it. We hope that after enabling video and audio playback redirection, restarting your PC or enabling Windows audio service, you will be able to recover sound in remote desktop session in Windows 11/10.

Step 3: Set up routing in Voice Meeter

Voice Meeter routing

A Next, you want to set up routes in Voice Meeter. On hardware input 1, you can have your microphone input here. I had my microphone connected to input 1 on my audio interface. Then, in the Voicemeeter app, select the microphone as your input.

AnyDesk mouse not working.

Make sure «Control my computer’s keyboard and mouse» is checked. In some cases, starting AnyDesk as an administrator on the remote side can resolve this issue.

If you find that the Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V hotkeys do not work, please enable the following options: “Control my computer keyboard and mouse”, “Access my computer clipboard”, “Access my computer’s clipboard to transfer files” on the Security tab.

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