How Do I Uninstall Anydesk From My Mac

The digital age provides fast, effective and complete technological devices. Today, one can experience a seamless connection with all their devices using a single platform. AnyDesk app is the only software on the market that provides easy connection from different devices. This enables remote work and makes it easier to handle technical issues. IT technicians can operate on the client’s computer without physically appearing. It is an excellent digital movement that connects the world.

AnyDesk is remote desktop software designed by AnyDesk Software GmbH. The application allows remote access to any desktop regardless of location. However, to connect, the user must provide accessibility to the technician or other party. AnyDesk has a pre-installed address feature that tracks your online connection.

How do I remotely access a Mac computer?

On your Mac, choose Apple menu > System Preferences, click Sharing, and then choose Remote Sign-in.

Select the Remote Login check box. If necessary, select the «Allow full disk access for remote users» check box. Specify which users can log in: All Users – Any user can log in to this computer using an SSH account. Only these users: Only selected users can log in to this computer. To add a user, click the Add button and then select a user or group in the Directory Utility window.

How to uninstall AnyDesk on Apple Mac?

Over time, you accumulate many programs and applications on your Mac. These files can take up relatively large storage space. It is even more important to uninstall them when you no longer need them. Some programs can also slow down the use of the computer.

Therefore, through this tutorial, we will explain how to uninstall AnyDesk on Mac. First of all, it is possible to uninstall AnyDesk by dragging it to the trash on your computer.

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Anydesk uninstall Windows 10

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What if I deleted an app that I didn’t want to delete?

Don’t worry if you accidentally delete an app while doing this, because you can easily restore the app to the iOS device again. This is because while deleting an app this way removes it from your iOS device, the app itself is still tied to your Apple ID.

Basically, this means that if you purchased the app or downloaded it while an app was temporarily free, you can always re-download it through the App Store using the same Apple ID. There is no limit to the number of times you can remove and reinstall apps this way.

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