How To Block Anydesk In Sonicwall

A network firewall is known to monitor and control incoming and outgoing network traffic for unwanted threats and malware. A firewall helps to establish the barrier between a trusted and an untrusted external network.

With many companies offering the best security firewalls around the world, we bring you the Top 10 Firewalls of 2020.

Block Anydesk Mikrotik

Blocking AnyDesk on Mikrotik routers is a simple process that can help keep your network safe from malicious actors. By locking AnyDesk, you can prevent unauthorized access to your Mikrotik router, which can help protect sensitive data and other resources. To block AnyDesk, you will need to create a firewall rule that blocks any incoming connection to the Mikrotik router on the AnyDesk port. This is a simple process that only requires a few steps. With the rule in place, any attempts to connect to the Mikrotik router on the AnyDesk port will be blocked, helping to keep your network and data safe.

The following information will help you configure a dns request for 192.88.200 to 192.168.200. At this point, you can’t use AnyDesk. If you want to stop running instances, you must have the AnyDesk IP addresses. I would recommend creating an address list for exallow_alternate_dns if you do the same.


Firewalla is one of the easiest hardware firewalls to install and configure, making it a great choice for the average homeowner or non-technical business owner.

  • COMPATIBILITY: This is *RED Firewalla* (NOT THE BLUE FIREWALLA), IPS functionality is limited to 100 Mbits. This device may not be compatible with all routers. Please refer to the «spec sheet» document in this listing or the compatibility guide at the manufacturing site for routers that work with Firewalla. May require logging into the router and doing some basic setup.
  • COMPLETE CYBERSECURITY PROTECTION: Firewalla’s unique Intrusion Prevention System (IDS & IPS) protects all your wired and wireless internet devices in your home from threats like viruses, malware, hacking, phishing and theft of unwanted data when you are using public WiFi. It is the simple and affordable solution for families, professionals and companies. Let Firewalla’s built-in OpenVPN server keep your device usage as safe as at home.
  • PARENTAL CONTROLS AND FAMILY PROTECTION – The days of unplugging the power cord from your dusty old router are long gone; With just a few taps on your smartphone, you can see what they’re doing, cut off all access, or cut off just gaming or social media. Turn on Family Protect to filter and block adult and malicious content, keep internet activities healthy and safe.
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