How To Change Alias In Anydesk

A fingerprint is like a key that links your Machine with your alias (machine@ad). It is saved in the file %programdata%AnyDeskservice.conf. You can back up this file and restore it later to preserve your alias and fingerprint after events such as operating system reinstallation or computer upgrades. Note that anyone who gains access to this key file can configure your machine to appear to be your machine. For security reasons, it is not possible to reacquire an alias whose fingerprint has been lost. This prevents identity theft.

AnyDesk Error Messages

Users often complain about the following problems:

  1. Waiting for the image.
  2. This desktop is not available. Make sure AnyDesk is running on the remote computer and is connected to the Internet.
  3. AnyDesk is not connected to the server. Please check your internet connection.

AnyDesk: the good and the bad

AnyDesk has its redeeming qualities, but it also falls short in some ways. Here’s the best and worst of what AnyDesk has to offer:

Quick and easy setup – You don’t need to install AnyDesk on your machine to use the software. Just download the file and click on it to run the software in portable mode. You can also install the program to unlock more features, such as custom aliases.

Download AnyDesk – free – latest version

Is it safe to use? The developers use the latest encryption methods to keep your data safe. You can use the service with peace of mind. Is AnyDesk download free? Yes, the download is free with no hidden charges. How to use it? You can use it in three ways: as a remote desktop application, as a file transfer, and as a presentation application. You can even use it to mirror your screen. Conclusion This app is one of the best remote desktop apps on the market. The sound is clear and without delay; Transfer files between remote PC and local PC by drag and drop; Provides an opportunity to share your screen with other users.

Cons: It won’t work if you don’t have an internet connection. Top 3 Anydesk videos. Where can this program be run? Is there a better alternative? It might take you a while to get the hang of its unusual interface, but you’ll love it once you customize it to your personal taste. The app is not that attractive for mobile devices due to its poor performance. Maximums Reduced download size Freemium functions Personalized interface Allows communication by chat. Low Poor mobile service Difficult to master Interesting features only available in paid version.

How to reset the AnyDesk ID number and get a new one.

The AnyDesk ID is stored in the ‘service.conf’ file in the ‘C:ProgramDataAnyDesk’ folder. To change the current AnyDesk ID and get a new one, rename the ‘service.conf’ file as follows:

1. Close AnyDesk. 2. Right click on the AnyDesk icon on the taskbar and choose Exit

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