How to connect anydesk without accept

Today show you how to connect AnyDesk without accept or AnyDesk access without accept

If you regularly partner with a work PC from home to work from a good ways or a singular PC from a phone, you need to set up the relationship in AnyDesk without confirmation. Along these lines, after the starter plan, you will really need to connect with the workstation from wherever without certification from the contrary side. Under you will find one small step at a time rules on the most capable technique to connect with a contraption without insistence, what is expected for this and when it is possible. We will tell you how to restrict head opportunities and reset instinctive access settings.

Anydesk access without accept

In the free variant of AnyDesk for non-business use, supposed uncontrolled access is conceivable – associating with the client without affirmation. In the wake of empowering the choice and setting the secret key, the association between the gadgets happens without a solicitation for controller. To carry out the component, the program should be introduced on the two gadgets (PCs) and not recently run.

1. Go to ‘Settings > Security’

The first thing, obviously, is to open AnyDesk on the device you want to control remotely. In this example, it will be on a Windows 10 PC.

Once you have it, click on the top right menu and select the ‘Settings’ option.

In the tab that opens, in the menu on the left, now click on ‘Security’.


2. Activate the automatic connection in AnyDesk

It’s time to configure AnyDesk for full control and to do this, the first thing is to press the big button at the top where it says ‘Unlock security control

Doing so will prompt a Windows prompt for you to confirm the change.

Finally, in the ‘Interactive access’ section, mark the option ‘Always allow connection requests‘.

IMPORTANT: from the moment you choose that option, anyone who knows your device id will be able to access it.


3. Check that it works
To finish, the only thing left is to open AnyDesk on another device and type the address of the computer that you just configured.

If all goes well, you should be able to control it without authorization.

Solution to “I can’t check the box to activate AnyDesk without confirmation” error
It is possible that throughout the tutorial, there will come a time when you cannot continue because the option ‘Always allow connection requests’ is not enabled.

What is the cause of that? How is it solved?

The reason why it appears like this is because you are using the portable version of the software and therefore, you cannot access all its features.

The good news is that to enable this feature, all you have to do is install AnyDesk.


Is it advisable to configure AnyDesk so that it does not ask for authorization?

In general, we can say that it is not a good idea to allow unattended access in AnyDesk.

The reason is that you risk that anyone who has the id can enter and take control of the device (with the risks that this entails).

So our recommendation is that you do not opt for this configuration.

That said, if you’re in a pinch and it’s non-negotiable, what you need to do is make sure you only share the address with people you trust.

And as much as possible, do not store sensitive information and files on that computer.

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