How To Delete Anydesk From Laptop

  • An amazing widget-style screen that allows users to easily manipulate and place quick commands for an easy user experience
  • With AnyDesk, printing documents to any particular remote device is possible as long as it is connected to a local printer.
  • AnyDesk allows you to easily collaborate and communicate with team members when working remotely, during long-term meetings and presentations for work, projects, and more

To remove AnyDesk through manual guides, you must first have to do this through the Windows built-in uninstaller on the computer.

How do AnyDesk scams work?

The malicious hacker community is extremely creative in coming up with ways to compromise devices and data resources. Hackers use AnyDesk in a variety of ways to steal login credentials, compromise valuable data, and plant malware to further damage your systems and networks. The common aspect of all these AnyDesk scams is that they can be extremely dangerous and lead to the loss of important and valuable information. Unfortunately, quite often on the Internet you can find cases where an intruder with Anydesk scams PayPal like here.

One of the ways a scammer tries to compromise your system is by asking you to install the app on your phone or computer so they can take control of your device. It wouldn’t make any difference if it was through AnyDesk Apple Scam or eBay account or other well-protected services because you allow it yourself and give direct access. If the hacker is successful in their attempt, they may be able to gain access to sensitive transactions made on the device, even those that use one-time passwords for added security.

Secure your privacy on AnyDesk

Now you know how to start and end a connection using AnyDesk. You also know how to download AnyDesk on your device and how to use its main features. AnyDesk can be quite a useful tool when you are working from home or working on multiple devices. It can help you manage your work and not have to go back and forth between different screens.

Have you ever terminated a connection in AnyDesk? Did you use any of the methods mentioned in this article? Let us know in the comments section.

4] Uninstall programs using the Registry

You can also uninstall programs using the Windows Registry. Check if this option helps you.


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    • Prerequisites
  • Method-1: AnyDesk for Ubuntu from the official website (GUI method)
  • Method 2: Install AnyDesk using the Linux Terminal
  • Method 3: Install AnyDesk using flatpak
    • Start AnyDesk
  • Connect remotely using AnyDesk
  • Why use AnyDesk?
    • Remove AnyDesk from your device
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