How To Exit Full Screen Mode Anydesk

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Today in this post, we will talk about the different display options that are available in AnyDesk. AnyDesk app is a remote control app that allows you to control any computer remotely, if permission is granted. The connection that is created through the AnyDesk application is very secure. Now, let’s focus on the display options that are available in AnyDesk.

What are the advantages of using AnyDesk as a remote work tool?

AnyDesk is a tool that offers endless advantages when you work from home. In addition to its speed and simplicity, this remote connection app helps you to:

  • Provide easy, hassle-free, speed-based remote support
  • Connect to any non-face-to-face remote device efficiently
  • Transfer files (text, screenshots, and more) from a remote computer to your local desktop
  • Remotely print files that are on remote computers
  • Boost your remote team’s productivity with internal whiteboarding, chat, and session recording tools

How to exit full-screen mode in AnyDesk on a Mac

Mac computers and AnyDesk enjoy seamless connectivity and simple setup that can make your life easier and more productive. AnyDesk for Mac gives you a super-fast and stable connection to your desktops or servers, no matter where they are. Intuitive and flexible licensing models ensure that the app can be uniquely customized to your team’s needs.

If you need to disable the full screen environment:

Method: use the Esc key

Pressing just the Esc key can take you out of full screen mode as well. For example, if you’re watching a YouTube video in full screen mode, the Esc key will take it out, no problem. However, this does not work for all applications. However, you can try pressing the Esc key to see if it works in the application you want to resize to standard mode.

If you can’t see the three control buttons mentioned in the previous method, you can use the Alt + Space key combination to get to the application menu.

AnyDesk mouse not working.

Make sure «Control my computer’s keyboard and mouse» is checked. In some cases, starting AnyDesk as an administrator on the remote side can resolve this issue.

If you find that the Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V hotkeys do not work, please enable the following options: “Control my computer keyboard and mouse”, “Access my computer clipboard”, “Access my computer’s clipboard to transfer files” on the Security tab.

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