How To Make Anydesk Full Screen

If you want to turn full screen back on:

Why should I optimize the use of AnyDesk?

AnyDesk is a complete remote access tool for any computer. Today, it is the fastest on the market, which puts it in the spotlight of any remote worker.

So, if you’re an active user of AnyDesk today, you’d better take advantage of its features even more. The best way to do it is by following a series of steps that will allow you to take advantage of the main advantages of this software.

How do I change my display settings in Remote Desktop?

Display settings can be easily configured for a particular connection in the Remote Desktop application. You just need to go into your settings, for that, click on the horizontal dots and select Edit. Now expand Show More and you will see different types of options to change. If you want to select a different resolution, change the Display Settings. Also, you can also change the scale from there.

Most of the time, you cannot change the screen resolution if there is a problem with the display driver. Usually if the drivers are outdated or have bugs then this issue occurs. Also, the possibility of a damaged display driver cannot be ruled out. If you are facing these types of issues, we recommend that you check out our guide and see what you should do if you are unable to change the screen resolution. We have mentioned all the solutions that you need to fix this problem and enjoy the best viewing experience.

SolarWinds Dameware Remote Support (DRS)

DRS is another popular SolarWinds Remote Desktop Connection AnyDesk alternative, designed to integrate with help desk software . This solution provides fast, easy and secure remote access and control capabilities, helping you get to the root of problems in the shortest possible time. Like AnyDesk, DRS provides cross-platform remote access to laptops and servers, including Windows, Linux, and macOS computers. Similarly, this AnyDesk alternative is compatible with Android and iOS and comes with an intuitive mobile app to make remote connections via your mobile devices.

Anydesk audio not working.

Make sure «Stream audio output from this desktop» is enabled in the audio settings. Also, go to the «Security» > «Unattended Access» tab and «Remote User Permissions» sections and allow other users to listen to your computer’s sound output.

Make sure «Control my computer’s keyboard and mouse» is checked. In some cases, starting AnyDesk as an administrator on the remote side can resolve this issue.

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