How To Make Full Screen In Anydesk

Operating in full screen mode in AnyDesk introduces a powerful feature that can help you maximize productivity. It forces you to prioritize your work by getting rid of the interruption of peripheral tasks like chat or email notifications from your local device. This creates an immersive experience that subconsciously strengthens your focus and attention on the most important tasks.

However, the full screen environment also has some shortcomings. In particular, it prevents you from accessing your local taskbar and desktop icons, so you cannot open or view documents, folders, shortcuts, or files. You may also miss important notifications such as incoming messages or emails.

What are the advantages of using AnyDesk as a remote work tool?

AnyDesk is a tool that offers endless advantages when you work from home. In addition to its speed and simplicity, this remote connection app helps you to:

  • Provide easy, hassle-free, speed-based remote support
  • Connect to any non-face-to-face remote device efficiently
  • Transfer files (text, screenshots, and more) from a remote computer to your local desktop
  • Remotely print files that are on remote computers
  • Increase your remote team’s productivity with internal whiteboarding, chat and session recording tools

Method: Press the ‘Square’ control button

This is the easiest way common to exit full screen mode. The square button is the center option of the three control buttons found in the upper right corner of apps and programs.

When in full screen mode, you will see that the «squares» are stacked on top of each other. Click on it to exit full screen mode.

Misconfigured firewall

  1. Status: win32_10060
  2. Status: win32_11001
  3. Status: win32_10054

Windows generates these error messages. They are usually caused by a misconfigured firewall. The firewall on both the local and remote sides should not interfere with the AnyDesk connection. Therefore, it may be necessary to modify the firewall to allow AnyDesk to make connections. In some cases, you may need to whitelist AnyDesk using *

Microsoft Remote Desktop

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Microsoft Remote Desktop among the most notable free competitors to AnyDesk because it is so popular and easy to use. However, it generally has more limited functionality than AnyDesk. This solution works similarly to Chrome Remote Desktop: simply install the client on your computer, and if you want to use the mobile app, download the app from your mobile device’s app store. This will allow you to connect your devices and establish remote access, with streaming video and audio (just like with AnyDesk). A key benefit of using Microsoft Remote Desktop is that you don’t need a Google Chrome installation for this tool to work on Windows devices.

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