How To Print From Anydesk To Local Printer

During unusual times like COVID-19, many of our clients are looking to offer some employees the ability to work from home whenever possible. As most of our customers are manufacturers, there is still a need for in-person plant and warehouse staff, but there may be times when you or some of your staff wish to work from outside your office. Below are some options for how you can stay connected and in business while you’re away from business.

  1. Access your Minotaur system remotely? Many Minotaur customers who have multiple locations know that they can use their Minotaur system from outside their office using terminal server, remote desktop, or VPN connectivity. If you are running Minotaur Portable Warehouse Management, your server is already equipped to run Terminal Server. Each terminal server user needs a corresponding «virtual desktop» on the server to connect and the accompanying Microsoft server license to make it possible. Your server must be configured to allow connections from outside the office securely, but that’s entirely doable. Finally, you will need a device with you that can access the server. That device could be a Windows computer or laptop, an Android tablet, or an iPad. Once at your virtual desktop, you can do everything you can do in the office from anywhere.
  2. If you do not already have access to the terminal server and do not have terminal licenses for your server, you can use another connection method that Windows makes available called remote desktop. With remote desktop (or AnyDesk, Teamview, or LogMeIn), your computer at the office needs to stay on, so it’s available to connect from offsite. No one else can use that computer in the office if you are operating it remotely. It works just like you’d imagine, you’re essentially operating your computer from a location that isn’t right in front of it.
  3. To print to a local printer (that is, one at home or on the road with you), you’ll need your IT person to set up what’s called printer redirection so that when you go to To print from within Minotaur, you will be able to see the local printer in your printer list and send the print job to the printer of your choice. Note that you can also send the print job to a network printer connected to your server. This capability can allow a remote worker to send a print job to a printer at the company site, should they need it.
  4. Another important feature you may want to take with you is check printing. With Minotaur, you can take a blank check with you on the go. Many businesses still use pre-printed checks where they have to feed the special check paper into the printer and make sure that the number displayed on the Minotaur is the same as the paper in the printer. But that’s just one way to print checks. Check out this article on the benefits of blank check paper. While we can make many payments online these days, it’s always helpful to have checks available when electronic transfer limits are exceeded or when you don’t have the information available to make an electronic funds transfer (EFT). You can print a check from any of your business accounts, sign it, and mail it the same day, all without even being in the same country. For my own check printing on the go, I just bought a $50 printer from Staples that connects via USB to my laptop.
  5. Another way to issue payments is through EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer). Minotaur can create export files from your system that can be uploaded to your bank to pay vendors and/or employees, and will deposit the necessary funds directly into your bank account. More and more businesses are foregoing checks in favor of electronic funds transfers, especially for payroll. They’re more immediate, and unless you enter your bank information incorrectly, they don’t get «lost in the mail.» We use this to pay our staff even when we’re away. The file can be prepared and uploaded from anywhere.

How to print remotely via RDS to a local printer?

At a time when remote work and flexible office hours are on the rise, printing to our home printer, just steps from our home workstation, can be surprisingly challenging. In fact, when logging into the office remotely, there can be obstacles to printing that might not otherwise exist.

The basics should be that you simply select the print option in your remote desktop document, select your local printer in the print window, and then click «print».

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