How To Send Invitations In Anydesk

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AnyDesk is a popular remote desktop application that allows users to remotely control another computer by sharing the screen. Using the screen sharing of any remote desktop solution, the user can virtually spy on the screen of others. Eliminates the need to share screenshots over and over again because you can see the other person’s screen in real time.

Desktop sharing with AnyDesk is easy and convenient

Screen sharing allows us to virtually look over our shoulder and see another person’s screen from anywhere in the world in real time, without having to send each other screenshots or a screen recording. But why do you need screen sharing? Think of the many times in the office when you walked up to a coworker’s cubicle and discussed something on his screen. What were the reasons in these situations?

Maybe they showed you how to use the new tool implemented by TI. Have you and your colleagues ever projected your screens on the wall in a meeting to show a presentation? In some cases, your colleagues may have wanted you to see what they’re working on without having to send you a file first, as they wanted to guide you through their work in real time.

The tricky parts of setting up a remote desktop

While setting up a remote desktop has many advantages, there are also some potential challenges that users should be aware of:

One One of the most difficult aspects of setting up a remote desktop is making sure all the necessary software is installed and configured correctly. This can often be a frustrating and time-consuming process, especially for users who are not familiar with the corresponding software.

Enabling unattended access

Some users reported that creating sessions through unattended access resolved their keyboard issues. Unattended access allows users to connect to a remote client without sending a session request to the client. This feature is best suited for users who work partially remotely and want to avoid taking their work computer with them wherever they go. They can easily access the remote computer regardless of whether it is turned on or in sleep mode.

  1. To enable unattended access in AnyDesk, follow the steps below:
  2. Open AnyDesk and click the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. From the options, select «Settings».
  4. Click on «Security» and go to the «Permissions Profile» section.
  5. Expand the dropdown menu and select «Unattended Access».
  6. Click the «Set Password…» button and enter and re-enter the password.
  7. Click «Apply» to complete the process.

Other common AnyDesk issues

Users also frequently report AnyDesk issues related to audio, mouse, and keyboard. First of all, these errors can be caused by incorrect software installation – try reinstalling AnyDesk. The reason may also be that the Windows PC does not start properly and you just need to restart your system. If that doesn’t work, go to the following steps:

Make sure «Stream audio output from this desktop» is enabled in your audio settings. Also, go to the «Security» > «Unattended Access» tab and «Remote User Permissions» sections and allow other users to listen to your computer’s sound output.

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