How To Set Anydesk Auto Connect Without Accept

AnyDesk’s security features ensure that a person accesses a remote device in a completely secure environment. The benefit of using AnyDesk remote access software is that you have all the necessary tools to operate remotely while your data is completely safe.

  • Advanced Data Encryption

Installing AnyDesk on the Raspberry Pi

To be frank enough, the remote desktop software installation process AnyDesk is quite simple as we are going to download the latest version of the software and install it. However, we’ll first need to update and update our Pi machine before proceeding. Updating your pi machine is a process you should do on a daily basis as it ensures your device is running at its best and improves the overall functionality of your machine.

This update regularly updates your software with the latest bug and security fixes long after the initial release of an operating system update. Fortunately, updating the Pi software is relatively simple, as we said above. So, in addition to showing you how to update your Pi operating system, we’ll also take you through a quick test to update your pi machine to the latest pre-release firmware.

Install AnyDesk on the remote device

You can download the latest version of AnyDesk from our website. Just click the «Download» button. Depending on your web browser, the download will either start automatically or you will be prompted to select a course of action. AnyDesk is multifunctional and available for Windows, ManOS, Linux, and other popular platforms.

Next, you’ll want to set up a computer name and password for the remote computer. All you need to do is set a password in the «Security» tab of your AnyDesk account. Also, you can add this remote computer to your address book (not available for all licenses).

How to enable unattended access to your computer and set a password using AnyDesk

1. First, install the application. If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, please visit AnyDesk. Once you have downloaded the app, a temporary version will be installed. To install the correct PC version, click «Install AnyDesk».

2. Click “Accept and install” 3. Click “Set password for unattended access”

Firewall configured incorrectly

  1. Status: win32_10060
  2. Status: win32_11001
  3. Status: win32_10054

Windows generates these error messages. They are usually caused by a misconfigured firewall. The firewall on both the local and remote sides should not interfere with the AnyDesk connection. Therefore, it may be necessary to modify the firewall to allow AnyDesk to make connections. In some cases, you may need to whitelist AnyDesk using *

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