How To Use Anydesk In Local Network

An account connection is not, as such, a way to create a VLAN. Logging in to two computers through one account will allow them to be linked to one account, so users will be able to gain remote access without an «ID – password» package, as the connection will be made automatically. In this case, the connection is made only through the Internet.

Logging into your account is simple: go to Options – General, scroll down to the Account Assignment section and click the «Link to Account» button. Then enter the account email and password. After that, all the devices linked to the account will appear, to which you can connect without additional requests.

Anydesk not connected to the Internet

An unstable Internet connection, a misconfigured firewall, or a lack of general network infrastructure are all possibilities for the «Any desktop not connected to server» error. In most cases, a firewall configuration error is to blame for this error code.

Is Anydesk connected to the server? What are some ways to resolve a network connection issue with Anydesk? No one should worry about such situations. Once the reason is identified, you can quickly find a solution to the problem. The user’s Internet connection might have been dropped as a result of the problem. A computer cannot connect to the server due to an Internet problem. A better connection can be obtained by moving closer to the router.

Mount remote folders locally with an AnyDesk TCP tunnel

For a software developer, working remotely can be challenging. Being able to access source code locally can often make things faster and more convenient. With AnyDesk you can set up a TCP tunnel connection that allows you to access files on a remote device locally without having to download them to your local machine.

In this article, I’ll show you how to mount a remote folder locally using TCP Tunneling with AnyDesk for Linux, but it’s also available for Windows and macOS devices. This solution is much more efficient in terms of CPU and traffic than classic remote desktop access.

Step Start the Remote Desktop Connection utility on the client computer (laptop, etc.)

Start the application

  1. Click on the ‘Start’ menu
  2. Click on ‘All Programs’
  3. Click on ‘Accessories’
  4. Click ‘Remote Desktop Connections’

Anydesk audio is not working.

Make sure «Stream audio output from this desktop» is enabled in the audio settings. Also, go to the «Security» > «Unattended Access» tab and «Remote User Permissions» sections and allow other users to listen to your computer’s sound output.

Make sure «Control my computer’s keyboard and mouse» is checked. In some cases, starting AnyDesk as an administrator on the remote side can resolve this issue.

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