How To Use Anydesk In Mobile To Mobile

You can find the AnyDesk Android app in the Google Play Store. Anyone you want to share your screen with also needs to download AnyDesk. They decide what device and operating system they want to use! Download it for free, or if you need advanced features, consider downloading one of our licenses.

Remote desktop software is for more than just screen sharing. But if you just want to invite someone to view your screen, we recommend that you disable all permissions. That way, they can’t control your smartphone remotely. They can just lay back and watch as if they are looking over their shoulder. Just go to security settings and uncheck all permissions.

How to Right-Click AnyDesk on a Mobile Device

When using AnyDesk, your mobile device’s screen will become a trackpad and act as your remote mouse. This is usually set by default for Android and iOS devices. To right-click, you’ll need to make sure you’re in «Touchpad Mode.» Follow these steps:

  1. From your mobile device, launch AnyDesk.
  2. Touch the logo on the right to access the circular menu.
  3. Touch the first option in the menu (the wrench icon) to access «Session Settings».
  4. Select the “Input” option.
  5. Scroll down a bit to the «Touch Mode» section.
  6. Make sure the «Touchpad Mode» checkbox is checked.

How to download and configure AnyDesk

The basis for the operation of AnyDesk is the DeskRT codec. This, developed by the company itself, is capable of compressing and transferring the image of a device «without any problem, even with a bandwidth of only 100 kb per second.» It does not require any kind of strange configuration on the part of the user, to the point that no program should be installed on the computer. It is an executable that you will launch only and exclusively when you want to use it.

For those who care about security. AnyDesk uses TLS 1.2 and RSA 2048 encryption to verify user identity

How to view live screen and operate other’s device from your mobile phone?

If you want to see the live screen of others on your mobile device and want to use that system, whether it is a mobile device or a computer, you need to follow this procedure.

How to use AnyDesk for Android:

AnyDesk is easy to use with the following steps.

  1. Download and install the AnyDesk software on your Android device and the desktop you will be accessing remotely.
  2. Start the program on both devices.
  3. An AnyDesk ID is displayed on the remote device.
  4. Enter the ID to establish the remote session.
  5. Confirm connectivity and start controlling your desktop remotely from your Android device.
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