Https Anydesk Com Es Descarga Gratuita

Now close the program and AnyDesk will ask if you want to install it. Click on the green “yes” button.

After clicking «yes» the installer will start. For the most part you can keep the default settings and then click the green «Accept and Install» button. When done you should now be able to find AnyDesk in your start menu.

AnyDesk Features Download Free

  • Simple and intuitive appearance
    • The utility has a very practical and easy-to-understand appearance, which makes it quite accessible to anyone , regardless of previous experience level with similar tools.
  • The main window allows you to connect to another machine running AnyDesk Free Download, simply by entering the corresponding address in the ‘Remote Desk’ field.
  • Quickly connect to one or more remote computers
    • The purpose of the application is to help you connect to your home PC from work, or vice versa, allowing you to easily access the documents you need, whenever you want, without leaving the safety of that particular nightclub. For this reason, AnyDesk Free does not have a file sharing or transfer function.
  • However, the utility allows you to share the contents of the clipboard between the two machines, making it easy to copy and paste information from one to the other. In the same way, it allows you to take screenshots of the computer to which it is connected, saving them on the desktop in PNG format.
  • AnyDesk Free supports unattended access, which allows you to connect to the target PC without confirmation on the other side. However, this requires a password to be set, in order to ensure that no unwanted access will occur.
  • For each connection, a set of permissions can be enabled or disabled, for example, the ability to listen to sound output, control or lock the keyboard and mouse, or access the clipboard. In addition, other display preferences can be adjusted.
  • A handy RDP tool
    • Overall, AnyDesk Licensing turns out to be a handy and reliable program that can help you remotely connect to other computers, allowing you to access and control the computer in question, with a minimal level of effort.
  • The utility has a very practical and easy-to-understand appearance, which makes it quite accessible to anyone, regardless of previous experience level with similar tools.

Download Anydesk free to access a remote desktop from any Windows, Mac, linux or Android device

Now you can download Anydesk free for Windows, mac, Linux and Android by doing just one click . You can look for other similar software without the advantages or simple operation that this amazing remote desktop control application offers you. But they will never be like free Anydesk.

  • Download Anydesk for Windows operating system.
  • Anydesk MacOs to download free.
  • Download Anydesk for Linux environment.
  • Download the Anydesk Apk for Android Cell Phone
  • Full download of Anydesk in Spanish.

Advantages of AnyDesk:

  • Is lightweight
  • Has easy-to-remember ID numbers
  • Offers a portable option
  • Allows chat communication.

No doubt, thanks to its speed AnyDesk represents a very convenient option for light remote access. Its shortcomings, its compatibility limitations, put it at a disadvantage compared to TeamViewer, which, in addition to also having fast performance, supports compatibility with a huge number of operating systems.

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