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If you use Chrome and are looking for free remote desktop software for Mac, Chrome Remote Desktop is worth considering. It is cross-platform and works as an extension, which means that the tool can be used on any device that supports Chrome. Android and iOS apps are also available to provide remote access to devices via smartphones.

With Chrome Remote Desktop, you can control your personal or work computer remotely, or access someone else’s system to provide remote technical support. For Chrome Remote Desktop to work, make sure Chrome Browser is installed on both computers and sign in to your Google account. You must also install and configure the remote access extension on all the computers you want to access.

ManageEngine Remote Access Plus

ManageEngine Remote Access Plus is easy-to-use enterprise remote desktop software that is feature-rich and highly scalable.

How to use AnyDesk on Macbook to control Windows PC or Android/iOS Mobile?

AnyDesk works through a simple login that provides a fast and secure connection between systems. The ID or AnyDesk number is displayed next to «Your Address» in the software. Also, the best thing about using AnyDesk is that it is fast as compared to other remote connection software. Please follow below steps to use AnyDesk on Mac PC.

How to install AnyDesk on MAC

Step by step to install AnyDesk on MAC. Anydesk Full Process Setup on Mac

  1. On your Mac device, select the “blue question mark” located in the right corner.

    A pop-up will appear on the screen, select the «AnyDesk (MacOS)» option under the «Remote Support» tab.

  2. The “dmg” file will be downloaded

    Open it to go to the page indicated as “double click the application icon to start AnyDesk. ”

  3. The page will also display an error message

    Click the «OK» button to continue.

  4. Go to Mac settings

    Select «system preference» > «security & privacy».

  5. Then click «general»,

    and a message about blocking «AnyDesk» will appear.

  6. Click the «open anyway» option now

    You can allow AnyDesk to access your device.

  7. Select unlock or lock options using admin password

    The page will display a code where users can use the devices.

  8. How to download AnyDesk on Mac and how to set up/use the AnyDesk app

Understanding Remote Desktop Protocol

The Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) ) is a proprietary protocol developed by Microsoft, which provides the user with a graphical interface to another computer. RDP uses Transport Layer Security (TLS) to encrypt communications between a client and a server. Administrators often use RDP to remotely manage servers or desktops.

RDP is a client-server protocol, which means that both the client and the server must be running RDP to establish a connection. The client is typically a Microsoft Windows desktop or laptop, while the server can be any Microsoft Windows, Linux, or UNIX computer.

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