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Site Expert Mike Lombardi Journalist and columnist in the IT field. Website creator and administrator. Ask a question Ask an expert I’m trying to set up a remote connection for two computers running Ubuntu 21.10. The connection is constantly dropped, I get a message that Wayland does not support display of remote server in AnyDesk (display_server_not_supported). How to solve this error? The problem you describe occurs with many users of Linux products. The error appears due to a conflict between the AnyDesk program and the Wayland protocol.

The first option to fix AnyDesk connection problems is to choose a clean boot of Ubuntu without Wayland when entering the operating system before entering the password.



Anydesk remote access. Available on all devices

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For larger companies. If this error code is displayed, in most cases it is due to an incorrectly configured firewall. Could not log in to the remote computer.

Steps to Install Anydesk on Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy Jellyfish

The commands provided here to download and configure AnyDesk ran on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, however users can use them for their other Ubuntu versions , including Linux based on it, such as Linux Mint.

#1st method using Deb binary:

Download the AnyDesk package

The first and most important step is to get a binary package from the official AnyDesk website to redirect by clicking the button below.

Once the page loads, you need to scroll down and click the appropriate link based on your Linux type. I’m currently using a Debian-based Linux, so I’ll choose the first option, Debian/Ubunt/Mint (64-bit), which includes (Debian 11, Ubuntu, Elementary OS, Zorin OS, Linux Mint, etc.).

AnyDesk mouse not working.

Make sure «Control my computer’s keyboard and mouse» is checked. In some cases, starting AnyDesk as an administrator on the remote side can resolve this issue.

If you find that the Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V hotkeys do not work, please enable the following options: “Control my computer keyboard and mouse”, “Access my computer clipboard”, “Access my computer’s clipboard to transfer files” on the Security tab.

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