There Is A Profile Already Using This Password Anydesk

AnyDeskUnattended access is a secure method of accessing a remote device without the physical presence of anyone around the device. You can take control of the remote device and use its file manager, clipboard, audio, screen to draw, etc. It is also possible to record a video of the remote session.

The AnyDeskunattended access plan is free for personal use and available as a monthly subscription for business users. Also, you can sign up for a 14-day trial license to explore the paid features.

Connect to the remote device

If a password is set on the remote computer, you can choose to log in automatically. Just connect and wait for the password dialog to appear.

Check «Log in automatically from now» and enter the correct password. You will no longer be prompted for the password for future connections to the same machine. This function does not save the password itself. Instead, if the password was entered correctly, the remote machine generates a specific token. This token is like a special key that can only be used by a single AnyDesk customer. This means that there is no way to recover the clear text password, even if someone has full access to your computer.

How to enable unattended access to your computer and set a password using AnyDesk

1. First, install the application. If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, please visit AnyDesk. Once you have downloaded the app, a temporary version will be installed. To install the correct PC version, click «Install AnyDesk».

2. Click «Accept and Install» 3. Click «Set Password for Unattended Access»

Where can I find the file that stores the AnyDesk user information?

AnyDesk stores your AnyDesk ID, username, and in some cases a namespace locally. This is so you can simply migrate that account to a new machine or create a manual backup. The configuration text file is called service.conf and can be found in these locations on your computer:

  • Windows XP, Server 2003 — %appdata%AnyDesk (not installed) or %AllUsersProfile %Application DataAnyDesk (installed)
  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 — %appdata%AnyDesk (portable) or %programdata%AnyDesk (installed)
  • Android 7 and app version 5.3.2 or earlier — root/data/data/com.anydesk.anydeskandroid/files/.anydesk/
  • Android 7 and app version 5.3.4 and later (including Credential Encrypted Storage or CE ) — root/data/user/0/com.anydesk.anydeskandroid/files/.anydesk/
  • Linux — /etc/anydesk/ (installed software) ~/.anydesk/ (version portable)
  • macOS — ~/.anydesk/ (portable app) /etc/anydesk/ (installed app)
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