What Is Anydesk Remote Control App

A scam has emerged asking victims to download an app on their mobile phones or other devices; by doing so, they end up losing money.

According to the victims, they received text messages on their phones advising them that they would be charged for a purchase on Amazon. In the text, victims are provided with a free phone number to cancel the purchase. The victims, who never made the purchase on Amazon, called the toll-free number to cancel the charges. When they called the number to cancel the order, a subject posing as an Amazon employee connects them with someone posing as an Amazon fraud specialist. By speaking to the subject posing as the fraud specialist, victims are directed to download the Anydesk Remote app on their phones, so the fraud specialist can help cancel transactions. The Anydesk Remote app provides the impersonator with access to the victim’s mobile phone, including bank and other accounts stored on the device. Once access is granted through the Anydesk Remote app, the phishers have stolen various amounts of money from the victims.

The fast remote desktop application: AnyDesk. How to use AnyDesk online to control your PC remotely

Click here to download. AnyDesk has been rated as the best screen sharing solution in the industry. Customize the AnyDesk user interface to give customers a remote desktop experience consistent with your brand. Banking standard TLS 1. We use RSA asymmetric key exchange encryption to verify each на этой странице. Control who gets access to your computer by whitelisting trusted desktops. It allows me to share documents between connected computers, extract information without risk because it uses powerful encryption and also has a very efficient and active client any desktop anydesk for remote desktop – anydesk for remote desktop windows the other end of the office or the other side of the world.

AnyDesk ensures secure and reliable remote desktop connections for IT professionals and any desktop for people with Windows 10 alike. No administrative privileges or installation needed. Our suite of remote support tools is designed to help you provide seamless and efficient support between computers in any location. Access your computer from your desk, your home office, or the nearest meeting room, all with ease. Do you require unattended access on the go? In fact, it works just as well on older versions like Windows 7 as it does on the latest generation of system software.

Can I be scammed through AnyDesk remote access?

No. The AnyDesk app uses military-grade encrypted connection access. Your data stream is encrypted and your device cannot be accessed. No third party can decrypt the data.

So how does a scammer get to you? The scammer wears a disguise. By «look-alike» AnyDesk, scammers try to take remote control of your computer or phone. Once they gain access to your device, they can get all sorts of information about you, like your bank account number and passwords.

AnyDesk reacts to RBI warning

In a statement, AnyDesk has reported that if users do not take their security seriously, any application can be used to steal money from their bank account. Or even social networks.

Indirectly, AnyDesk has countered RBI’s specific warning against their app and advised everyone to secure their systems.

Installing a rogue AnyDesk app

One of the ways a scammer tries to compromise your system is by asking you to install the app on your phone or computer so they can take control of your device . It wouldn’t make any difference if it was through AnyDesk Apple Scam or eBay account or other well protected services because you allow it yourself and give direct access. If the hacker is successful in their attempt, they may be able to gain access to sensitive transactions made on the device, even those that use one-time passwords for added security.

This AnyDesk hack starts with a phone call from criminals posing as representatives of your bank or financial institution. Is that how it works.

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