Which Is Better Anydesk Or Teamviewer

Either of these two tools is compatible with multiple operating systems. Another way to compare TeamViewer and LogMeIn is by the number of operating systems that can be accessed remotely with the tool.

Compatible operating system


Both programs have a user-friendly interface where everything is clearly laid out. You can easily hit the ground without any training or facing any difficulty. Image scaling is also smooth and we did not face any screen tearing during our use.

Both pieces of software allow you to log in to a remote PC no matter where you are. However, remote logins are only a small part of what Anydesk and Teamviewer offer. They have a variety of business features to keep your employees productive while they’re out of the office. Many of these features include instant mobile access, file transfer, session transfer, session recording, real-time chat, remote printing, audio support, etc. They also provide an administrative panel to manage users, contacts, and connections.

Key comparison between TeamViewer and AnyDesk


  • A lightweight and easy-to-install application
  • Has minimal latency due to its inherent design
  • Provides easier navigation and powerful user interface experience to users
  • Offers strong security features
    • Exclusive TeamViewer features:

      • Secure Remote Control Access: TeamViewer helps users gain access to a remote system by sharing a unique random ID with the other person using the remote desktop. Users will not be able to access unless they do not authorize the session. All the latest including versions of TeamViewer version 12, 13 and 14 are encrypted, for added security, with AES session.
      • Multi-Platform Compatibility: TeamViewer is compatible with all popular operating systems, macOS, Linux, including Windows and Android. In addition, TeamViewer also offers cloud-based management services, allowing users to use TeamViewer in browsers without having to install it.
      • Remote hardware access: With the help of TeamViewer, users can give commands to hardware connected to the system. Functions like remote printer access, cursor and even system shutdown/reboot can be executed with the help of TeamViewer.
      • Text, audio and video communication: TeamViewer comes with efficient tools for real-time communication between local and remote users. This helps both parties to exchange information, reports. and points of view during the sessions.
      • TeamViewer Free Download and Installation: Downloading TeamViewer is easy as even its latest version is compact and can be installed on all major platforms effortlessly.
      • Cloud-based services – also gives users the option to directly access TeamViewer through any browser, without downloading and installing the .exe file.
      • Drag and Drop – Provides an easy drag and drop file transfer facility, which makes transferring files as easy as copying and pasting files from one local drive to another.
      • Designated access: Allows authorized users to access files without having to go through the two-factor authentication process.
      • Multiple concurrent sessions: TeamViewer 12 and earlier versions give users the ability to perform multiple concurrent sessions in separate tabs.


      • Easy to set up and use
      • Extend access to files and computers to unlimited users
      • Drag and drop file transfer (only available on Windows)
      • Full multi-monitor displays and screen sharing
      • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and iOS
      • Robust security with 256-bit AES encryption, double passwords, and end-to-end authentication
      • 1TB of cloud storage included with every plan
      • 24/7 technical support via phone and ticket
      • )

      • On the expensive side
      • No free version
      • Mac version lacks some features
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