Which Is Better Anydesk Vs Teamviewer

Launched in 2014, AnyDesk software’s remote access solution comes with features like unattended access, cloud-based access, and is ideal for fast and seamless file transfers. The tabbed browsing experience and condensed, hidden menus make AnyDesk easy to use.

Screen sharing software is easy to use locally and remotely with the help of any mobile device at any time. It comes with advanced features for transferring files at 60 FPS (frames per second) over LAN and Internet, securely.

Difference Between TeamViewer and AnyDesk

TeamViewer and AnyDesk offer a remote desktop solution that connects desktop, laptop or mobile devices with another remote computer present anywhere in the universe and allows the computer to local take control of the remote computer and perform the operations of a remote computer; These two tools support connecting computers with all operating systems like Macintosh, Windows, IOS, and Android; The installation of these tools avoids the need for the maintenance engineer to visit the operation site to diagnose problems and provide solutions from his workplace; These tools, due to their real-time remote connectivity, provide an instant solution to any problem and improve business productivity.

This software was released in the year 2005 by Rossmanith GmbH with the intention of installing the software remotely and avoiding customer visits. Besides Windows, it supports Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Red Hat, Debian, Raspberry Pi, Fedora Linux, and all mobile apps. AR and VR functionalities are included in this tool to improve its usability and it is integrated with many collaboration and CRM platforms. It is free for personal use and is licensed for commercial use only in the subscription model.

Technical support

Another big difference is in the technical support provided by each platform. While neither is difficult to use, TeamViewer offers many training and support options through its community, Knowledge Hub, articles, and YouTube videos. It also provides phone support to talk to your agent. Compared to this, AnyDesk’s technical support is not that strong.

When it comes to availability, either of these two services is compatible with multiple operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS, and many others. However, AnyDesk stands out a bit as it is also compatible with FreeBSD. The trends also continue in the pricing department. While both offer various pricing options, AnyDesk is much more affordable than TeamViewer.


  • • Text, video and audio communication: you will get efficient tools to allow real-time communication between remote and local users. Helps parties exchange data, ideas, and reports during sessions.
  • • Secure Remote Access: TeamViewer’s safe and secure tool and sharing a random unique ID with others will help users to access a remote system via remote desktop. They will not be able to access the system if the session is not authorized. The latest versions of TeamViewer, including versions 12, 13 and 14, have AES encryption for added security.
  • • Remote hardware access: With TeamViewer, you can send commands to system hardware. It will allow you to perform functions such as remote access to the printer, use the cursor, and reboot or shutdown the system.
  • • Cross-platform compatibility: TeamViewer works with popular operating systems (OS) such as macOS, Windows, Linux and Android. Furthermore, it offers cloud-based management solutions to help users use TeamViewer directly in their web browsers without installing the software.


Advantages of AnyDesk:

  • Is lightweight
  • Has easy-to-remember ID numbers
  • Provides a choice portable
  • Allows chat communication.

Thanks to its speed, AnyDesk is a very convenient option for light remote access. Unfortunately, its limitations in terms of compatibility put it at a disadvantage compared to TeamViewer, which; In addition to its fast performance, it is also compatible with a large number of operating systems.

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